Healthy Easy Meals: Lentils.


I love to cook.

I used to make and eat something different for dinner each night. While I was having fun, I found that this was both expensive and time-consuming.

I was also wasting a lot of food, since I wasn’t eating many leftovers.

One way that to simplify mealtime is to make a large portion of one dish and then eat it for several meals. You can choose to have the same dish for dinner several nights in a row or eat leftovers for lunch. If you are creative, you can repurpose some things into a completely different meal or change it up by adding a salad.

Once I began having the same dish for dinner for a few meals in a row, I found that I had more time on my hands.

That’s what it’s about for me: to make time and space for the things I love. I was spending less time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. I could go on a walk, read or be creative instead of being in the kitchen.

I like to make rice and bean dishes because they are inexpensive pantry items. If you use the stuff in your pantry, you have less to buy at the store. And there are endless combinations for rice and beans, because you can switch up the type of dried beans, the type of rice, the vegetables and the spices.

I’ve found that lentils and rice makes a perfect weeknight meal.

Lentils cook faster than dried beans because they don’t require soaking. Lentils and rice also have about the same cooking time.

Here is a recipe for rendition of Mujadara, which is a dish of lentils, rice and caramelized onions. Super cheap! Super yummy

A recipe for a tomato curry lentil and rice dish:

You can also make a large pot of soup over the weekend to have during the week.

And finally, one of my all time favorites (be sure to use vegetable broth):

Do you have a favorite lentil dish?