~Full Moon Ritual~

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Moon cycles are a wonderful time marker.

The full moon is the time to let go the things you no longer wish to have in your life. 

You can simply state out loud your intention of letting a particular habit go. (“I release my need to be right.”) Or you can clear negative energy that has accumulated by taking an energy clearing bath.

Draw a bath at a comfortable temperature and add 2 cups epsom salt {don’t skimp!} and 1 cup baking soda.

Soak for 20 minutes and don’t use soap.

During your soak, take some slow deep breaths and release the tension. If you have a specific energy or behavior pattern you’d like to release, imagine that it’s being drawn from your body. You can do this any time, but I do try to make sure to do this during the full moon.

Here is an idea for a chakra clearing ritual you can do in the bath for the full moon:

Place your hands above the top of your head and silently intend to release any emotions and feelings you have not been able to express. Rinse your hands in the water. Silently say the affirmation: “I am.”

Gently place your fingers around your ears and imagine releasing all the things you wish you had never heard. Rinse your hands in the water.

Place your hands on your throat above your collar bone. Imagine releasing all the times your words were not heard, when you were unable to speak the truth, release any words you wish you had never spoken, and any time your own words were misunderstood. Rinse your hands in the water. Silently say the affirmation: “I communicate truth.”

Place your hands over your heart and let them rest there and take a few deep breaths. Release any heartaches, any time you have purposely or inadvertently hurt another living being, and any time you hurt yourself on purpose or unknowingly. Rinse your hands in the water. Bring to mind an image that makes you smile. Silently say the affirmation: “I am love.”

Move your hands to your solar plexus area, which is just below the breast bone and above the belly button. Release any time another person tried to control you or try to make you any different than you really are. Release any time you were in control of a situation and hurt someone, either on purpose or inadvertently. Release any attachments to anyone you may have that caused you trauma. Rinse your hands in the water. Silently say the affirmation: “I am in control.”

Rest your hands on your belly below the navel. Release any time you were not accepted for what you truly are. Release any time expectations were pushed on you from society or your family. Rinse your hands in the water. Silently say the affirmation: “I am anything I want to be at any given moment.”

Place your hands on the base of your spine. Release old thoughts, feelings or patterns that were projected on you or that you projected on yourself. Release any time you felt unsafe or frightened. Rinse your hands in the water. Affirmation: “I am safe.”

Take a moment to splash water over your body and relax. Then, pull the drain plug of the tub and stay in the tub and watch all the water go down the drain.

Dry yourself off. If possible, relax on your bed naked doing nothing else. More often than not, we get dressed quickly and lose touch with our bodies, so take a few minutes with yourself exactly as  you are in this moment.

Happy full moon!

*Art work by me.