Over the last few months, I’ve made some positive changes in my life.

I left my job. I moved to a smaller place. I’m in the midst of another downsizing.

And, most importantly, I took some time off to take a look at my life and the determine the direction I want to go.

That explains why it has been so quiet here for such a long time.

I am changing the direction of my blog. Now my blog will be my travelogue as I investigate the world in my search for ease. I still strongly believe in simplifying as a cornerstone for ease, and it’s an on-going process for me. It’s just that there are lots of other bloggers who have great instructions on how to simplify.

I want to write about more than simplifying.

I want a sense of ease in my life and I want to inspire others to find a sense of joy and ease in their lives. I have also been enjoying creating my own images that I would like to share.

I hope you enjoy my field notes!


  1. Ellen Symons says

    Me too, I’m looking forward to learning from your explorations and adventures, Sue!


    • Sue says

      Yay! Ellen, I’ve missed you!
      Maybe it’s time to get back on Lift. Hope you are doing well.