Bye-Bye iPhone.

Oh how I loved my iPhone! My daughter and I jokingly called our phones our iPhone-babies and held them to our breasts and slept with them.

I’ve owned iPhones for about 4 years. I love how Apple products work. I’m a total Apple convert.

When I started on the path of financial independence and read Mr. Money Mustache’s post on cell phones, I decided to take the plunge and pull the plug on my iPhone once my plan ran out and switch over to Republic Wireless.

I have to admit, I was apprehensive.

Basically, Republic keeps their costs down by running an online business.┬áRepublic Wireless does not have a customer service line. They also don’t have any stores that you can go to if you have any questions or need face to face assistance. So, you have to be able to figure it out by following online tutorials and YouTube videos they have set up. They also have a Twitter feed you can follow if there is a problem with their web site. So, it’s pretty much hands off.

Phones are used on available wifi whenever possible, including calls. When that is not possible, you use a Sprint network.

But the savings is a no-brainer. My monthly bill for two lines through Verizon was $160. Two lines for the third tier plan on Republic is $50. (Savings = $110 per month /$1,320 per year/ $13,200 over 10 years)

Keep in mind that you DO have to purchase one of their phones, which are Android only. So, I switched from an iPhone to a MotoX (1st Generation).

Before I switched, I determined which apps I truly used. I discovered that I only used a handful. The rest were one-or-two time amusements, at best. So, I added the comparable apps to the Moto X and I was set.

Here is my review after less than a month.

The Good:

The phone arrived very quickly. It’s very nice and pretty. The phone number transfer was easy and smooth, so their tutorials are written well. The battery lasts a LONG time. It really does have everything the iPhone has, including voice recognition typing.

The Bad:

Initially, I had trouble creating a login ID on the Republic site, which kept me from purchasing a phone and a plan. And because they don’t have a customer service number, I sent them an email. They did respond in about 24 hours with a canned email by letting me know that it was a “known issue” and to follow the issue on the Twitter feed. I guess this is the new generation of customer service!

So, for anyone who is short of patience or needs more care, this could be a huge issue.

No more iMessaging. I have a daughter who lives in Canada and we would text for free from iPhone to iPhone. We resolved this by using another free texting app (What’s App) and the instant messenger app on Facebook.

The camera. I loved how easy it was to use my iPhone camera. Honestly, I haven’t given much time to learn how to use the camera on the Moto X yet.


I have to say that I am happy. I can use my phone as a phone. I can check my email. I can text. All of the things I did on my iPhone for $110 less each month.


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    Hi Sue, I’ve found your blog while looking for inspiration on an easier life! Love your writing, a pleasure to read. Amazing how many of us midlifers there are that just want some easy living! (I’ve put my website address even though it’s “resting”! Your writing might inspire me to get over and post something on the subject of gaining an easy life!

    • Sue says

      Hi, Brenda!
      Glad to help with inspiration. Yes, I think we mid-lifers are looking to simplify! I can’t wait to check out your blog!

      Be well,